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What my clients have to say


Jane Licurse is nothing short of a magician.  We had a complex project with 25 high profile expert participants collaborating on 15 chapters.  Jane kept everyone on biweekly meetings, with clear agendas and concluding with deadlines and to-dos. The job was completed ahead of schedule and garnered tremendous press attention and impact among Washington policymakers.  I could not recommend Jane more highly.


It is pleasure to offer an enthusiastic testimonial for Jane Licurse. Feltin Community Care is a start-up non-profit interdisciplinary care practice with a mission to care for  Dual and Medicaid eligible beneficiaries with involved disabilities and daunting social challenges in their homes. What we needed and what Jane provided was expert business planning inclusive of sophisticated detailed financial projections. Jane came to this effort with a deep understanding of "the ecology”  of health care delivery in settings of inequities and social determinant challenges. In the process she positively engaged clinicians,  managers and potential patients in ways that engendered trust and respect.


I feel so fortunate to have worked with Jane Licurse. She asked the right questions at the right time, knew when to convene as a group vs individually, and was able to convert our various lengthy discussions and content submissions into valuable workable data points, levers, inputs, formulas and produce a visual tool that represents our practice on one page.


Jane is brilliant but approachable, skilled but humble, and a relentlessly supportive but insightful coach. She has helped me stay focused, aligned with my values, and accountable, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her at a critical time in my professional journey. I cannot recommend working with Jane more highly!


It was so much fun, and so hard, and life transforming.


Jane combines knowledge and perspective from her own career with an energetic and intuitive approach, helping me break through mental or logistical barriers and come up with tangible action steps and an enhanced mindset. I come away from our sessions with much more clarity and energy, and she’s helped me navigate through some tricky work situations and gain a stronger sense of confidence about what I’m doing. Working with Jane has been a very valuable experience for me.


Working with Jane has been an eye-opening and life-changing experience. When I started working with Jane, I was stuck, unhappy, and unsure of where to go. Jane helped me articulate my values and gave me the support and space to think through my options. She helped me to dig deep and to challenge my own preconceived notions about what my career was “supposed to” look like. With her help, I was able to make career changes that I wouldn’t have thought possible. She got me un-stuck and on a path that feels exciting and fulfilling for me!


She's the best!

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